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Auto Repair Shop in Castaic, CA

Is your check engine light on? Need new, affordable tires? How about a vehicle alignment? Call our certified auto mechanics in Castaic, CA today at 661-702-0340!

MB Auto Center is located in Castaic, CA and provides full service auto repairs throughout CA and the surrounding areas. From tire changes to computer diagnostics to brake repairs, you can depend on our experienced auto mechanics to provide top quality services at affordable prices. We have the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for a convenient appointment. Walk-ins are welcome!

– Services Include –

Auto Repair & Service

Brake Repair & Service

Tire Changes

Tire Alignments

Automatic Transmission Repair & Service

Fuel Injection System Service

Brake Replacement & Repair

Air Filter Replacement

Full Service Oil Change


Differential Gears Service

Radiator Flush and Fill

Our auto team at MB Auto Center promises to treat your vehicle right by demanding high performance through our services, which now include tire changes and alignments! Whether you’re looking to make the switch to winter tires as the weather gets colder, or your vehicle is simply in need of new tires, MB Auto Center can help. Additionally, our professionals provide tire alignments. If you notice your vehicle pulling left or right, or your steering wheel is vibrating and appears off-center when driving straight, you may be in need of a tire alignment. Have your vehicle assessed and aligned by one of our professionals; it will quickly be tuned up and running at its best!

At MB Auto Center, we achieve excellence in providing full service to your vehicle, including:

Change Oil

Check air filter

Check and fill power steering fluid

Check and fill battery fluid

Check transmission fluid

Lubricate chassis

Check and properly inflate tires

Tire change

Change oil filter

Check brake fluid

Fill windshield washer reservoir

Check cooling system fluid

Check differential fluid

Check wiper blades

Vacuum auto interior

Tire alignment

If you need professional automotive repairs and services in Castaic, CA, rely on our knowledgeable technicians at MB Auto Center. We are proud to provide prompt auto services at competitive prices. Whether you need your tires aligned, a fast oil change, vehicle tune-up, electrical system repair, shocks and struts, or any other maintenance or repair service, we have the tools and experience to deliver a job well done. Your satisfaction is our main goal, so call today!

Call MB Auto Center in Castaic, CA at 661-702-0340!